Coquitlam SD43 British Columbia

InfoTech Curriculum

developed by L.Read
Citadel Middle School

Project 1
Desk Top Publishing

Students learn "typography" rules and to enhance written work to make more effective presentations through the use of images, graphics, diagrams, charts and tables.

Students produce a
website working in HTML programming code. Students decide on a minimum 3 pages to work in and design a site which effectively presents information.  Grade 8's learn to manage their website remotely.

Project 3
Power Point Presentation

based on a grade level Socials topic... i.e.
gr. 6- Peru or Japan;
gr. 7- Prehistoric Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece or Rome;
gr. 8- Middle Ages
SEE Samples

Simple black and white animation using Hypercard grade 6/7
Hypercolour grade 8

Skills include: entering the "stage", rotation, zoom, backgrounds and titling.

Evaluation Project (5)


Credits to Lisa Mulzet - Moody Middle

Basics Operations

While students are engaged in these activities, they also learn- personal & shared network folder and file management, as well as basic computer operating and trouble-shooting skills.

The first 5-10 minutes of each class is spent on basic typing skills, using typing tutor software.

Final Yearend Project

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Students are encouraged to take advantage of extra computer time in the lab or library, outside of class time from

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 0800 - 0838 hrs
NB Mr. Read coaches Monday and Wednesday LAB is Closed 


Monday, Friday - 1445 - 1600 hrs.

Check posted lab schedule for "seasonal" openings