Polar Bears Are Gone Now

Polar bears are gone now
all that’s left are bones,
Scattered widely ’cross the land
that used to be their home.

These bears can paddle sixty miles
that’s always been their way,
But more than that is far too much
their lives they had to pay.

The ice broke up quite suddenly
as they chased along for seal,
Polar bears they went extinct
just trying to get a meal.

The polar bears all left you know
just up and went away,
First dinosaurs and now the bears
"Are tigers next?" you say.

based loosely on Dinosaurs Are Gone Now - Anonymous
(recited at age 4 by son Stuart)

Habana Cuba
vea Spanish translation Osos Polares aqui

Published in the
BCTF Teacher Mag
RE: Inconvenient Truth
Granma Newspaper, Cuba