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This poetry dedicated to Ms. Uchiama who ‘strongly’ encouraged me in grade 9
to continue putting words down with pen and ink, even if I “have to use a ‘pseudo-name’ ".
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George Orwell - Politics and the English Language 1946

inspired a year after THE Incident,
a simple post EVENT event
wherein our father mentioned
he had left his hiking and work boots
in the front hall and
"if they are of any use Lance
you're welcome to them" -
we happen to wear the same size 8 and

the odometer has spun round and round
what with decades of refereeing,
touring, walking to and from work thus
a poem -

The Passing of The Boots

You’ve wandered London streets and haunts,
Climbed high among the Quechua mounts,
’Round Machu Picchu’s crisp thin air;
Roamed Roman York’s cobb’d pavement fair,
Strolled Mayan sites, Quetzalcoatl Square,
Chichén-Itzá, Merida and Uxmal too;
But for you those old hiking boots are through.

You’ve done your chores without much angst,
And taken care of the family manse;
Rewired, plumbed and nailed quite true,
Repaired, replaced what’s failed and through;
Crafted cupboards, bedrooms and study desks,
Fences, porches, and garden- phew!
Those work-boots now have seen their due.

Now it’s time for a well earned rest,
In a nearby beach park you like best;
To be chauffeured, around with care,
And ride like a king in a wheeled chair.
How great it is to simply be alive,
Hold a great-grandchild y’almost never knew.
All this ya’can do in a walking shoe.

Thanx dad for the much needed, well cared for footwear !
LR 2008.09.02
 Langley Float Home
Great Aunt Greta's echo

One thing I wish I had written as it describes my political beliefs perfectly:

I take my stand with any revolutionary body,
 that asserts it to be
the right of all men to share,
equally and impartially,
every production of man from man and from the sources of production at man’s expense and disposal,

for only through such an essentially revolutionary body can there be the possibility of a communal art.

Who wrote this?
A. Norman Bethune
B. Mahtma Ghandi
C. Ernesto Che Guevara
D. Dylan Thomas