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10 Things I Hate About You - clip
Ledger - Can't Take My Eyes... (not my clip)

Alec's Wreckbeach Day
Alec's Muffin Making
Alec Blitzes Camosun Bog
Alec Goes to UBC
Alec Gummie Bear age 1 to 3
Alec Romps in UBC Library South Garden
Aunt Greta's poem - Daffodils

Bring Canada's Troops Home Harperstein
- Rally w/ Malalai Joya

Daniel's First Year
Little Canuck Fan
Daniel Kitchen Hockey 2009
Daniel Skates

Fraser River Coalition part 1
Fraser River Coalition part 2

Fraser Ice Flowing Backwards

"Green" Gordo Videos

Kill Bill 43 - Stop Gateway

Mull of Kintyre

Pacific Spirit Park - Part 1
Pacific Spirit Park - Part 2
Pacific Spirit Park - Part 3
Pacific Spirit Park - On Wings of Butterfly

RCAF Flyboy Gary Smith


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Aisha Hannan - Cuban Belly Dance

Alec Videos

Alec Gummie Bear age 1 to 3
Alec Blitzes Camosun Bog
Alec Goes to UBC
Alec Muffin Making
Alec Romps in UBC Library South Garden

B&S 60th Anniversary

Charlie Rat Be Gone

Fraser River Coalition - FULL length
restored from slides and cassette tape,

Fraser River Ice Flowing Backwards

Jake's Gift - A Veteran's Story
written and acted by - Julia Mackie

1st Marijuana Olympics

On Fire -
 Climate Change protest song

Geoff Toddler 10 Minutes

Mull of Kintyre

SlackLining in Cuba 2007


Tee's 23rd Birthday Wish from Cuba
Tee's Cumpleaņos Nocha Conmigos

Stephen Colbert - Canada's Regime Falls

UBC Great Trek - 1922
Water For Life Concert - Sample trailers

Family Guy Sings the Rose

Daniel Videos @ MagickallGateway

2008 - Daniel Speaks
Daniel's First Year

2009 - Daniel's 'First' Slides
Daniel Climbs Slide
Daniel Little Canuck Fan
Daniel Kitchen Hockey

2010 - Delta Digs
Daniel El Fantastic Espástico
Daniel Skates
Daniel Train-ing
Daniel @ Work & Play
Daniel -2C Bare Nudnik Soccer
Daniel Random Play

2011 - Rock Curling Face Plant
Daniel Strong Start
Daniel Valentine Storytime
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Daniel Hammer Spin
Daniel Hockey Anywhere Anytime
Daniel Puzzling It Out
Daniel's Ark - Ducks in a Row
Daniel Lavigne Duet short
Daniel Lavigne Skipped Away - Duet

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