Shamus Aiden Grant
2010 - September - 18
5 a.m.

To Our Mom - Our Goddess’ Gift

There ain’t no end, can hold your essence away from us

And we’ll be with you ’til the end of days.

We know in our tiny perfect bones

You did your best to give us a good start

Especially within our one big heart.


You nourished us with ever so much -

From music and songs, stories and love.

We can’t help but wonder where we’re bound

But in the end we know we’ll meet again,

Here there, or perhaps above.


p.s. sorry about those back-aches and the gas


Love and hugs 4-ever –

Your angel Shamus  - and “twin”

LR - 2010.09.18

The Shape of You - Jewel

September settles softly,
Leaves are starting to fall,
I recall, last time you were here,
Your laughter a melody that lingers still.

There's a hole in my heart and I'll carry it wherever I go,
Like a treasure that travels with me down every road.
There's this longing lonesome deep, kind of bitter, kind of sweet,
There's a hole in my heart in the shape of you.

We really have been so very incredibly blessed.
To start with - we never ever expected to actually experience our very own adorable two year old child and having to send him for a two minute minor to the timeout chair.

Then a second miracle, if only for too short a twenty-one weeks.

Taisha & Danny

Shape of You - lyrics HERE