Choosing the sexing of your baby

The W.H.O. provides this recipe, which at best if done accurately, gives better than 80% chance of gender choice.

Due to environmental factors, fewer boys than girls are being born today.

Historically boy birth outnumbed girls app. 51% to 49%. However, females survive slightly better than boys so by the age of two they are about 50/50 in society.

Depending on country, pollution etc. the female/male ratio today can be as low as 3 to 1, or as high as 55% to 45%.


Know Exactly When You Ovulate: To conceive the sex of your choice, you'll need to conceive either just before ovulation (for a girl) or during - i.e on the day of ovulation (for a boy). This is because X (girl) sperm are much more hardy than their male counterparts and can survive for much longer. Male sperm swim faster but die quicker on the way to  “the goal” There are many ways to chart ovulation, but there is very little room for error, so it's important you chose an extremely reliable method. An accurate basal thermometer works best to pinpoint ovulation date.


Sperm energy: Blood sugar and caffeinated drinks effect male sperm speed-  reducing both favours girls, increasing both favours boys. Drain blood sugar by doing cardio, going for a run, etc. before having sex to favour girls.

PH Conducive To Your Desired Gender
: Simply put, to stack the odds in your favor, you'll need a vaginal and body PH that is friendly to the sperm or your desired sex and more hostile to the sperm you'd prefer not to encourage this time out. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is by avoiding or consuming certain foods if vaginal acidity is high,  and another is by douching with specific solutions based on which gender you're trying to conceive. Males die quicker in acidic environment so use a lemon based douche for a girl and a plain PH neutral douche for a boy if vagina tends to be acidic.


Correct Positioning: Intercourse positioning is probably the most widely discussed gender selection variable, but it is only one small piece of the puzzle. For optimal natural gender determination, for a girl you need to deposit sperm further away from the cervix (shallow penetration) and closer (deeper penetration) for a boy during moment of ejaculation. This is the easiest variable to control, but it alone is not enough because you could still have a hostile PH and / or be conceiving on the wrong day. To get the results you want, all three variables need to be firmly in place upon ejaculation, but this is easily achieved with a bit of planning and practice.



(The old wives tale - that men with longer penises tended to have more boys may have substance –
i.e. ability to deposit faster swimming male sperm closer to the egg = male sperm wins = boy).

Info on optimizing healthy active sperm production.