Scene of the Shrine

I was recently shocked upon
returning to the Rabbi Uziel Amuka
Shrine. When last in Israel, we had
stumbled across it touring tombs of
the many Rabbis buried in the area.
My girlfriend and future wife to be
took great joy in “hanging out” for a
while at this pretty shrine dedicated
to women, partly as we had seen so
few tombs, shrines, memorials or
commemorative spots of any kind
dedicated to the female sex.
I say I was thunderstruck upon this
return, because it is now a filthy,
rubbish strewn pit, suffering from
atrocious neglect, worse than
anywhere I’ve seen in my recent
touring. I can’t imagine a worse
scene for one of the few places in
this country dedicated solely to
women. The word vandalism comes
to mind.

I’m not sure which group or
authority is ultimately responsible
for the upkeep of this area, but
whoever it is, is obviously not being
afforded the resources to do the job
adequately. Although, cynically, we
noticed the dozens and dozens we’ve
seen dedicated to the “glorious”
male sex, seem immaculate.
Something seems out of whack right

What is more troubling, is that the
majority of visitors, coming to picnic
and hang out obviously have no
respect for this beautiful and
“sacred” shrine at all, leaving
garbage strewn everywhere even
with numerous rubbish bins
provided. It is a disgrace not only to
women but in general.

Lance Read
Canadian Teacher on Sabbatical
Kibbutz Ginegar
Jerusalem Post
November 2005