Heart Gift -
A Gift From the Heart

Grand-child’s eyes flutter open,

a glimmer of hope, weak slight smile

recognizing olde ’twampa.


Young heart on ill last legs

young hand squeezes older hand

reclining side by side.


Healthy Heart Donation

“I will wear your heart with love,

will try very hard to live a full,

worthwhile, generous, life”;


as relatively healthy older heart

chockablock full of experience is,

swapped out for dying failing younger one,


a life wanes, gladly laid down for

grandchild, daughter or sons that

they might experience many more years.


A ’twampa dad’s

gift from the heart

of a heart in heartbeat,


as life goes merrily on for another generation

the ultimate gift of life, an honourable

Right-to-die to make way.


The Right to Die must be enshrined in the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms