Jewels in One Crown - Motorcycle Europe 1982

You were the rib bone from my side.
We rode the mountains huge and high,
We travelled the valleys green and wide,
We cruised at times, we seemed to fly.

We motored together skimming along.
You were the one with whom I dared,
You were the one who’d not be scared,
You were the one, a dream we shared.

You and I darted and never got lost.
We zoomed by rivers clear and blue,
We shot like an arrow straight and true,
We drifted, we floated, we made it through.

We once rode to Egypt, they turned us around,
Our light it went out on that cold moonless ground.
We crept in the dark, we followed the line,
the Israeli army came down equipped quite fine.
We wondered if we were, committing some crime.

Get Udi they called, "he’s electric!" they hollered,
a broken wire problem, he soon had it collared.
Away we were sent to a close seaside town
Yammit it was called, next day torn down
With soldiers we ate, We danced until dawn
Slept just a bit, and then we were gone.

You were my match through and through
We cycled ’neath skies vast and blue,
We skimmed the deserts so hot and brown,
We were both jewels within one crown.

Israel w/ Cathy Mac