Divine: beautiful, magnificent, perfect; Revere: regard with awe;
Sacred: worthy of profound respect; Goddess/God: fe/male entity representing the source of life.

What is a Pagan?

When it comes right down to it, usually it has to do with how one "feels" about the Universe and one's own place in it.

Do you find divine inspiration in a forest, at the beach, in a thunderstorm,
under the light of the moon, in the blazing heat of the desert,
on a quiet winter's night when the snow is falling,
or in the heart of a candle or blazing campfire?

Do lakes, oceans, rivers, streams and brooks seem to be alive to you?
Does the forest seem to be a living entity to you?
Do you believe that even animals can have spirits?

Do you fail to understand why deities are always Male in today's "Big 5" religion's?
Do you wonder why you can't pray to deities in female form?
Do you feel/think that "God" may have a feminine as well as a masculine face?

Have ancient religions, ancient history, and/or ancient mythology fascinated you?
Have certain periods in history attracted you for reasons you can or cannot explain?
Do you sometimes feel a connection to the gods of the ancients?

Are you or have you been a part of a religion from which you feel distanced?

Do you believe in the power of the mind and spirit to heal the body- magick?

Can you sometimes visualize what you need and get it?

Have you ever looked at ancient temples and ruins or their images and felt a strange sense connection?

Do you ever feel the presence of some form of "guardian spirit"?

Do potential answers to these questions interest or enthrall you?

1968 C.M. Goring