If everyone were Wiccan

If everyone were Wiccan
We would live in a 'Garden of Eden'.
We would run around skyclad whenever we wanted to,
loving each other ever so much,
taking care of nature and adoring animals.

We would live much simpler,
less materialistic, less complicated lives.
We wouldn't have so many rules
we would all just share everything
and take care of each other.

When peace came back to Mother Gaia,
the Unicorns and Centaurs,
the Winged Horses and Dragons,
the Mermaids and Gryphons
and all the Magickall creatures
would return from beyond the Veil...
and we would be their steward.

You do your own thing, you are just you, no strings attached.
You just want to live, be free and be accepted for who you are.
You truly, really are a special person.
There are very few souls like you walking the planet today.
You have been Wiccan for aeons in previous lives.