Dynamic Energy (Celtic)
Interactions (Celestine Prophecy)

The universe is comprised of "dynamic energy" of a celestial (solar) source.

All living matter has dynamic energy or energy which ebbs and flows between living matter.
This energy originated with forces in the universe and more recently the stars and our sun.
The food we eat is stored sunlight.
Most people do not appreciate the food we eat, let alone the more obscure energy around us in nature and each other.
The food we eat provides more or less energy depending on it's quality and how much we appreciate it.
We are always seeking energy to replenish a deficit of energy within ourselves.

When we walk a forest path with a stick in our hands and swipe randomly at ferns and weeds, even then we are signaling a need for this energy and seek to abstractly "harvest it" by destroying nature and "beating energy out of it".

Wicca such as myself do not place cut flowers on the altar, because even that is a waste not only of nature's beauty but also the energy therein. I place seeds (from Sarah) and small plants on the altar instead.

Healthy plants and nature outdoors are a source, a "wellspring" of dynamic energy.

Yet most people are disconnected from nature in their day to day lives even as they pass through it moving from point a to b.

Other people like myself are well connected to nature and absorb an abundance, so much so that we have become a wellspring for others and can offer up in close contact excess dynamic energy.

Humans compete for energy.
Most humans have cut themselves off from the larger source of that energy and feel weak, insecure and lacking.

Most seek to increase personal energy by stealing it physically, emotionally, psychologically and most commonly "psychically" from others.

This unconscious competition underlies all human interaction and conflict in the world today.

When two people interact with each other, one of two things has to occur- one individual leaves stronger , the other leaves weaker.

Humans like to take a manipulative posture, we say and do what we must to prevail and control and come away feeling stronger.

When we control another human being,
we absorb some of their energy.

We run a "control drama" whenever we meet another person, this involves us as "interrogator", "intimidator", "aloof" or "poor me" persona.

Everyone manipulates energy either aggressively or passively,
forcing others to pay attention to them.

If someone threatens you either physically or verbally you pay attention to stop something bad from happening to you.
The most aggressive of these is the "intimidator".

If the person is subtle in their aggression- finding fault and slowly undermining your world in order to absorb energy- this person is the "interrogator".

The "aloof" person is afraid of criticism and gives only as much information as necessary in order to avoid criticism.

This is an attempt to draw others closer in an attempt to find out what is going on with you.

If the person tells you about things that are happening to them and implies that if you don't help, those things will continue- this person is seeking control at the most passive level, the person who makes you feel guilty even though you haven't done anything, this is the "poor me" persona.

As children we develop our "control drama persona" in accordance with our parent's control drama.

As an example, if the parent is an intimidator we may start out as an aloof child and may eventually become a poor me persona.
If the parent is an interrogator we may end up as an aloof persona.

Some people use more than one kind of drama but most have a dominant control drama.

During the "dark (middle) ages" the world was defined simply as "good and evil" by churchmen.

Eventually we knew there was something more.
We sent science out to discover our true situation.

When this did not provide answers right away we settled into the modern secular work ethic and squeezed mystery out of the world.

We spent five centuries creating a material world only to realize we are not spiritually happy- we seek a way of life that returns the mystery.

Michael Smith (UBC Chem Prof and Nobel-laureate) said two months before he died,

"Perhaps it's time for all humanity to return to ancient mystery religion and it's inherent connection to nature".