While working with Palestinian students in the Westbank as part of an Israeli Peace initiative,
the 10 year old brother of one of my students Ria,
tugged a realistic toy pistiol from his friends hands and ran out into the street
directly into the path of a 21 year old Israel solider who reacted by shooting him and killing him instantly.

As a gesture of peace, the parents donated all of his organs to Israeli children.

I wrote:

Through My Eyes

   The great humanity and beauty in a young Palestinian boy’s organs being given a fresh life in helping others regardless of race, colour or creed cannot be overlooked. For sure donations have gone both ways. I am reminded of occasions when Israeli soldier’s organs have been passed on to those in rival camps.

   One can only hope that the recipients, those close to them, and all of us who stop to think are reminded once again of the futility in conflict and killing. We can all appreciate the wondrous symbolism of someone now seeing literally through another’s eyes. Perhaps we, each of us, might strive harder to do so in our daily lives.

Lance Read
Canadian Teacher on Sabbatical
Kibbutz Ginnegar
Jerusalem Post