Great Grandma MacLeod

DVD Video frames

Saying "Goodbye" - early October 1988



Roots and Wings

Children need strong roots in order that they might have steady wings to fledge from family nest when ready.

Obviously little ones don’t really remember much before they are 3 or 3.5, but having contact with great-grand parents, if any be around, would be a part of that, especially in film documentation, so that many years from now they might know another little part of where they came from.

There is a very poignant video clip of Great-grandma Mac saying good-bye to Tee  then Stuart
(we’d gone up around her 5th birthday). Tee and Stuart heard something I didn’t until I looked at the video a few weeks later after she had passed beyond the veil. What they heard was her saying “good-bye”, PERIOD !

Shortly after we left, Tee asked in a soft concerned voice, “Is grandma going away dad?”

Stuart, joined in with his tiny 'lithp' between ‘asthmaticky’ breaths,
"hNo, she’s sthaying here. Huh-hI don’t whant her tuh-huh go away!”

“Well someday she’s going away- she’s going to be with grandpa!”, I offered.

“Grandpa’s dead dad!,” Taisha responded.

Stuart, added- “ h’I don’t hwant gramuh … t-huh-be deadt dad!”

“Well we all have to die someday, not all of us really lives.”
I offered again. They were quite silent for a while after that.

Of course her gentle spirit is all around her beloved cabin whenever they are there.

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MUSIC - To Say Goodbye to You - Aselin Debison