Super Natural BC 2010

Super Natural BC ads showed fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other open river related activities, which really make BC unique. With so many rivers scheduled for disruption by the new IPP RORs, the Liberals want to abandon that campaign. Tourism BC is fighting to hold onto Super Natural BC.

Worst of all 100,000 old growth trees have been mowed down to make way for these games. How Super Natural is that?

It is apparent to anyone who wants to pay attention that the Olympics are just another huge moneymaking business. Like many globalized businesses today, it ignores human rights violations- China / Tibet - enough said. Anyone who has read The Lords of the Rings and The Great Olympic Swindle by Andrew Jennings would lose all interest in these deadly “games”. China will certainly be a non-event for me.

The 2010 Olympics are going to be the most costly money losing event ever to hit British Columbia, certainly far more costly than the Fast Ferry Fiasco, at a time when we can ill afford it. The financial and environmental costs for maintenance of facilities over the years, until energy costs eventually but soon enough shut them down for good, will be immense.

The artificially chilled bobsled run, much like an exposed sheet of ice rink, alone has a crazy huge carbon footprint. Meanwhile repressive bylaws towards the homeless will be a human rights black eye for Vancouver.

On a bizarre
Olympic Games
- the “ancient”
torch relay
was started
in 1936 by Adolf Hitler.

OBESITY -  Did you know ?

For every food calorie we eat 9 calories are dumped into the atmosphere.

Canuck’s on average eat 2750 food calories every day. 1000 cal = 3.9686 Btu. This is 9x2.7x4=97.6 Btu global warming carbon- daily!
Energy is consumed to run our bodies, to pump irrigation water, to convert oil to fertiliser AND pesticide, and fuel is burned to till, harvest and process (grind corn and grain, etc.) and cook, as well as deliver food from Mexico and California to our tables.
The average adult needs no more daily than •2,000 calories •65 g fat •20 g saturated fat •2,300 mg sodium.

The average Canadian adult eats well over this amount, somewhere between 2500 and 3000+ cal, 100+ g fat, and 3000+ mg sodium
    - diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure are epidemic.

$$$ How much will these games cost? $$$

Minutes are no longer being kept by the VANOC - 2010 Committee. As well, Bill Tieleman reported on Vaugh Palmer's, Voice of BC program that repeated requests through FOI to the minister Darlene Kotchinski, resulted in the response, “Minutes of the Vanoc can no longer be found.” At last count, the 17 days of games were to cost taxpayers of BC 2.5 to 3 billion dollars but perhaps as much as 6 Billion. It will be interesting to see what the true costs will be. Too bad the games aren’t before the election May ’09.

The Greek Government says the VanOC 2010 security estimate of $177 million is a joke. Greece spent U$1.5 Billion on 2004 Olympic security while Turin (Winter) spent $1.4 Billion. London 2012 (Summer) estimates are for $1.7 Billion and climbing.

Jack Poole, John Furlong, David Podmore, the Campbell twins - Larry and Gordo, and a handful of other Real Esteate developers plain lied through their smirking teeth about the costs to the public. In days of Yore we would have tarred, feathered and run them all out of town.

Coca Cola has been a Major sponsor since 1928

Coca cola and its phosphates contribute to bone loss and disease!!!