Cancer - One Little Renegade Cell

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How unhealthy eating and lack of exercise
contribute significantly to naturally occurring human cancers.


Oxygen and Cancer       About 30% of us will die from cancer before the age of seventy. The prime carcinogen is Oxygen. Yes! Plain old O2!!

Oxygen of course, makes up about 21% of the air we breathe along with Nitrogen – 78%, CO2 – 0.032, argon, neon, CO, and rarer gases make up what’s left.  The irony is that without oxygen we die, but in the long run oxygen kills us. How?

Carcinogenesis   Each of the many billions of cells in the human body contains a power station called the mitochondria which are fuelled by the food sugars we eat in reaction with the oxygen we breathe producing a flood of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) molecules – a kind of tiny rechargeable battery which feed electrical energy to every muscle for movement (including pumping heart) as well as active brain tissue. Discharged ATP then returns to the mitochondria for electrochemical recharging.

In the process, there can be accidental leaks of combustion products as oxygen reacts with food products. The unintended pollutants can include negatively charged O2 molecules – super-oxide ions, hydroxyl radicals, and other highly reactive molecules which escape the mitochondria.

These free-radicals can frequently attack and damage cells BUT fortunately, special enzymes repair almost all of this damage. Inevitably however, through sheer numbers, occasional damage to genetic material occurs. Again astoundingly, the body continuously monitors and repairs this DNA damage.

Fortuitously once again, every cell contains capsase a death pill enzyme which causes individual cell suicide, wherein the cell simply falls apart – dissolution - a magical process termed apoptosis.

Pick the Right Parents    Inherited genetics (combined birth mother and father genes), exposure to toxins, radiation, etc. and longevity all dictate the percentage of how many of these many multiple billions of comprehensive checks and balances will inevitably fail, resulting in runaway cancer.

In these cases free-radical oxidation disables or turns off the DNA capsase suicide gene allowing a deadly rogue cell to survive. If this cell divides several times – a cancer cell has developed, which can eventually multiply uncontrolled leading to death. The entire process is known as carcinogenesis.  30% of humans die from cancer before reaching age 70.

Free Radicals                 Radon and other natural radiation found in earth, water and atmosphere contribute only slightly to cellular oxidation and cancers. Tobacco smoke, sunburn and man made chemicals we are bathed in contribute significantly more than these naturally occurring oxidizers. Assorted chronic inflammation of tissues also cause cancers such as hepatitis B & C virus influenced liver cancer.

Fat, Sugar and Exercise             Surplus oxygen from excess food – fats and sugar sources that are not burned-off thoroughly effectively through exercise drastically increase excess oxidation, radically multiplying all processes of carcinogenesis due to excessive oxygen free-radicals in the body and cells.

A poor balance between calories consumed versus calories burned also leads to weight and obesity related diabetes, heart and stroke and other health issues which compound reduced quality of life and early death from cancers.

Bulge Bulge      Meanwhile an enormous number of the Boomer bulge have unhealthy bulges and are part of not only a growing tsunami of Alzheimer’s but also the rising diabetes, heart, stroke and incubus of other expensive health care costs.

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