Why do we continue to Trade with
the World's most Ardent Terrorists?

Late 1800’s - United States foreign policy centres around controlling other countries.
See - http://warondemocracy.net/

• Early to mid-1900’s Canadians knew this and refused to
“Truck or Trade With Yankees!”

• 1990s collapse of Soviet Union, US goes looking for new “enemies”

• Any country pursuing socialism, anti-Imperialism / capitalism is targeted,

starting with Vietnam, followed by
    Chile, Cuba, Granada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Honduras, as well as many
    African and South American countries and others.

Most of these countries were former colonies.
Post independence, dictatorial rulers feigned "capitalism" to elicit US support,
in order to hold on to the majority of the wealth .

• The war on terrorism is an excuse!

The atrocities meted out by the United States of America to help keep
the majority of peasants and peons in their place and available as a “slave” work force
in support of US economy and consumerism, has been horrific.

The current mass murders in Afghanistan and Iraq
as well as US arms and support for Israel in the Lebanon,
account for over 1 million innocent lives since 2002.

over 3500 Cuban deaths over the past 40 years.

Terrorism Hypocrisy
Free the Five Cuban Heroes
Free the Five Cuban Vancouver