Through the years I taught over 3000 students.
I'd like to thank just a few of the best of the best I learned the most from.

Thanx to:

Steph, Bree and the Wiers, Taylor, the Vogel boys, Brian, Neema, etcetera for keeping me on top of my teaching career.

It isn’t often that we get to sincerely thank the youth today, but in my case they were indispensable.

As a technology teacher one is either with the program or crushed by it.

When Steph Davidson first began editing our Yearbook, she immediately wanted to start a Newspaper - it was called the Citadel Student Express and it was a tidy little piece of DeskTopPublishing printed on tabloid newsprint by Horizon Printers.

Steph went on to edit first the Quill and Scroll Award winning, Riverside Eddy and then the McMasters University- Soliloquy. Where-ever she is today I am sure she is doing incredible stuff, directing, acting or editing - all three being great talents of hers.

Bree Weir was a technical and artistic maestro - who taught everyone she ever worked with so much. Her sisters Joce and Keri are artistic 'phenoms'. Thank to the three for teaching me so much.

Taylor Smits - well all-round creative genius... thanks for all the tips too.

Brian Walker just "gets" technology and helped me when I was dense - he is no doubt on top of Networking for someone these days I’m sure.

The Vogel boys - Dom & Michael are technical / creative geniuses who helped me stay on top of IT changes as they screamed onto the scene. Cheers boys.

Neema was the last IT genius I worked with. Thank for setting up Network Assistant big guy. I know you are somewhere doing incredible stuff.

As for me “Haste La Victoria Siempra”...
the revolution is far from over and must come to Canada or we’re in huge trouble.

Any of you who come in contact with my writings, I will surely respect your rebutals and comments most of all. e-mail

Oh yah! Thanx to all the parents for ‘begetting’ such great kids as well.