We will not be reinventing the wheel.
e.g. Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have been at this for decades.

1. Total restructuring of government to one of true Democracy.
Immediate implimentation of  STVoting system
*not one controlled by corporate media and companies*
Women to make up significant portion (2006 - 20%).
Mandatory inclusion of youth through representatives from post secondary institutions.
Disbanding of the non-elected Senate.

2. A complete and total break in trade with world power "Terrorist" USA.
Dissolve NAFTA.

Demand the immediate release of the Cuban Five NOW.

3. Home ownership in Canada for Canadian citizens.
Foreigners may not own more than one residential property per province.
(many countries do not allow foreign residential property ownership)
All surplus foreign owned property to go on the market and be sold within one year.
(property prices will plummet allowing young Canadians to own a home.
The market has always been speculator abused, so fair is fair in speculation and market investment.)

5. All Media businesses in Canada to be size regulated.
CanWest Global to be broken up and sold off.
Switch to sustainable organic family farms from harmful agribusiness.
Those who are here purely to export profits to foreign countries can leave.

6. All resources- energy, oil, gas, water and electricity to be controlled for the benefit of Canadians first.
Increased taxation of non-renewable resources to support alternate energy programs.

(No more California skipping out on hundreds of millions in payments owing.)

End the Alberta Tarsands project.
Largest man-made disaster in history!

7. End privitization of Canada's water
(Bill 30 in BC leads the way)

8. Proper Post Secondary Funding
Distribution to Canadian students who show ability and need so that an education is free.
Adequate funding to train medical, and essential professionals to replace an ageing workforce.
Nurses to receive free schooling but must remain in Canada or pay back.
All doctors who are trained here must practice here with a pro-rated payback scheme if not.

9. Mass transit Funding for massive improvements country wide.

Huge taxes on private vehicles exponentially rated on fuel consumption.
e.g. Hybrids and fuel efficient family vans vs small trucks and Hummers.
Tax rebate for legitimate construction use.
Rebuilding of a modern, efficient, widespread national rail system for people and goods.
The end of air travel is quickly approaching and automobiles and buses are not an environmentally good option.

10. Military PEACE Keeping ONLY
Stop War NOW
Salaries for soldiers to increase significantly.

11. Personal and business taxation overhaul, banish tax loop holes and havens for the wealthy.

12. Education against consumerism.
Movement towards control and banning of harmful advertizing promoting consumerism.