Canadian Troops in Afghanistan:

Taking a Hard Look

at a Hard Mission

An Interim Report of the Standing Senate Committee
on National Security and Defence
February 2007


The Committee's Perception  (excerpt) p.13

"The Committee was impressed by the optimism of Canadian troops and their leaders to bring about positive change in Afghanistan. But when Committee members listened closely to both military people and diplomats, both Afghan and Canadian, we found it hard to square that with reality. Huge and complex set problems confront any foreign interests attempting to give ordinary Afghans access to an even perfunctory combination of peace, democracy, justice and prosperity.
Posted 2007.12.20
Can Canada Kick Taliban A$$ ?
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It is in our view doubtful that this mission can be accomplished given the limited resources that NATO is currently investing in Afghanistan. The kind of collateral damage and lack of developmental progress that has marked NATO's effort in the Kandahar region to date, and the Taliban's ability to retreat to and redeploy from the mountains of Pakistan makes success even more doubtful."

Militarists Compare Terrains Here
Mons Graupius vs Kandahar Province vs CFB Volkes Range

Saskatchewan                                                                                                                       Afghanistan

Afghanistan in the Persian Empire 490 BCE