Canada 1.0

Liberal Conservative Capitalist Party
Conservative Liberal Capitalist Party

Same Olde Same Olde

• Kyoto?  We're not on board anymore just like Harper’s American amigos!
• Alberta Tar Sands - an environmental nightmare and an American dream.
• support of American world wide terrorists' War for Oil - Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.
• corporate donor friends given huge tax breaks for decades (Regan-omics???)
• post secondary student fees skyrocket!
• Canada 1.0 controlled by and part of right wing media!
• Lax
regulations on media consolidation - e.g. CanWest Global Media.
• Lax medicare regulations allowing two tiers - rich and other.
• Armed forces - paid too little to die for their country !!!
• Land claims settlements grinding on moronically for 100 years !
• Support for USA's 51 State - Israel over Palestine

It's time for Canada 2.0
What you can do now!