Milton Friedman
July 31, 1912 - November 16, 2006
Corporate Bottom Line

Foreign workers are cheaper in every way!

Risk Market Value
  in employing
foreign workers
is better than for Americans.

i.e. compensation for poisoned workers in Bopal India is far less than an American
e.g. $1200.00 per case vs $1.5 million

"Freedom" means the freedom to make profits at any and all costs to societies.

Nobel prize for economics?

• Author of millions of deaths and world wide misery based on his theories of free market, greed based, globalization

• It is now obvious that there is a flaw in the nomination and selection process and that they must have been "stacked" with Friedmanites.
( We have to assume this was unintentional. )

• Having now read Canadian author Naomi Klein's outstanding yet extremely disturbing book "Shock Doctrine",
it is obvious that Milton Friedman's "theories" are and will always be a complete flop as far as economics is concerned.

• Milton Friedman's association with Chile's Pinochet and Indonesia's Suharto
and his blind-eye towards the despicable human behaviour necessary to force his theories into practice,
the necessity of military might under all US governments who have forced his theories into practice world wide, lately in Iraq for oil,
the murder and degradation of societies, as well as the horrific cost to the environment
warrant the
revocation of his prize.

• Alfred Nobel envisioned a prize for the "advancement of humanity".

• This will actually be setting a wonderful precedence for the esteemed Nobel Committee?

• Where-ever he is, Alfred will certainly be proud when he is allowed to resume his peaceful rest in eternity.

Alternative to Friedmanite Globalized Capitalism